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Did you know?

Most software and hardware malfunctions can be remedied by simply rebooting your computer. Reboot you computer before you make the call to us.


Any equipment left unpaid for more than 30 days is subject to 5% interest charge on the total invoice balance. Any equipment left unpaid for more than 60 days will be considered forfeited.

Computer Repair Service

"Simply bring your computer or laptop in and we'll fix‘er up for ya."

Flat rate Pricing available

** All prices are in Canadian funds and are subject to change without notice

  • $45 - General Maintenance Flat Rate Service
  • $95 - Complete Re-Installation of Original Software
  • Microsoft Licensing Available (Request a Quote)
  • If you are unable to bring your equipment into us, home services are available at a flat rate.
  • $10 - Home Delivery within Akwesasne Territory (Cornwall Island Only)

General Maintenance ($45)

Just because your computer or laptop runs, you may find that it begins to get slow over time due to Microsoft Updates, web surfing causing increased temporary files and cookies, and just overall filled with junk installed while using 3rd party free software.

Here, we offer a flat rate maintenance service saving you money and time:

  • Spyware and Virus Removal
  • Startup Optimizer
  • Backup and Recovery option
  • Disk Cleanup and Defragmentation
  • All maintenance packages include physical cleaning


Complete Restoration ($95)

Completely restoring your computer to its original factory settings is the only way to ensure that your personal computer is free of any viruses and spyware.

Although our General Maintenance includes virus and spyware removal, it has no guarantee that all threats have been eliminated. Today's security threats are created to hide from programs that remove such threats from your computer. What we have seen is spyware that collects your personal information removed, but then duplicates itself and subsequently recreated after a successful reboot making it impossible to guarantee that all threats have been removed permanently.

  • Reinstall Original Operating System
  • Reinstall all original software installed on the system
  • Reinstall and update all existing hardware drivers and associated software
  • Data backup is available at an extra $2 per gigabyte

Data Backup and Retrieval ($2/GB)

Should you choose solely to rely on our technicians to back up your data, you will be charged at a rate of $2/GB of data. Today's external hard drive (backup drives) comes complete with data backup software. It is always advisable to complete a data backup daily or whenever your files have been changed or updated. Backup drives can be purchased at your local retailers such as Wal-Mart or OfficeMax.

For more information on file size, CLICK HERE

  • Retrieval of specified data including pictures, music & videos
  • Backup & Restore of Data during complete reinstall

** Due to the inability to back up your files in the case of complete system failure other than hard drive failure, we will waive the data backup fee if you purchase our Complete Restore Package.