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Services Offered to the Akwesasne Community and Surrounding area:

Computer Repair Services

Check out our competitive pricing for our general computer repair services. Our work is guaranteed so we don't want to have to keep paying to replace a part if it keeps failing so we buy only dependable replacements while saving the customer money.

Web Design Services

INNOVATIVE DESIGN USING CSS TEMPLATES AND CUSTOM CODING - Using a complete library of templates, we can design your site to suit your organization's needs from basic information sites to full featured multimedia web site

Web Hosting Management

Like many organizations, you may not have the time or resources to manage a complete website, company email, and any other issues that may arise. Let us do the work for you. We will purchase your domain registration and hosting, then set up each individual email that you request. We will bill you annually, reminding you a month before your site expires.

Environmentally Friendly

Because our agency is environmentally friendly, parts are reused or recycled. We will do our best at trying to repair a component instead of throwing it in the landfill and buying a new one. All other parts are safely disposed of at e-waste centers or shipped back to the originating company for recycling.

Cost Based Pricing

While purchasing new parts at the cheapest price available, this cost is passed on to the customer. In no way do we make money off of the sale of replacement parts. The origin receipt is given directly to the customer and is the customer’s responsibility to retain these receipts in the case of hardware failure.